7 Healthy Habits for Kids

Many of the habits we have today are habits we developed as kids. Healthy kids grow into healthy adults! Here are 7 healthy habits for kids that will set them up for a life of health!

  1. Get adjusted!

    Getting adjusted regularly by a qualified pediatric chiropractor will not only ensure their tiny bodies grow and heal like they should, but it also helps them cope with stress, stay focused and will lead to more productivity. As they get older, regular adjustments will not only do all of the things already mentioned, but their immune systems will be strong and they’ll be less likely to endure major problems in their later years like heart disease, joint replacements and high blood pressure.

  1. Eat the colors of the rainbow!

    Encourage your kids to eat lots of colorful fruits and veggies! I know many kids will turn their nose up to beets and broccoli, but the more often you can encourage them to eat them, the more likely they will grow to like them! I don’t recommend FORCING them on your kiddos….but if you can encourage a bite here and there of the ones they don’t like, they might end up finding they really do like them! Expand their rainbows too! Make it fun, add many different colors into a casserole or make a picture with fruits and veggies on a plate.

  1. Get some sun!

    Encourage your kids to play outside daily (weather permitting!). Being out in nature, soaking up sunshine will not only boost their moods and the vitamin D will boost their immune systems, but it also encourages curiosity and imagination.

  1. Water, water, water!

    Send them to school with a water bottle, make sure they’re regularly drinking water at home-especially in the hotter months or if they’ve been exerting themselves. Encourage water before other beverages and stay away from sugary drinks like soda. If you’re kids crave flavor, add some fruit to their water to not only make it taste fruity, but it looks fun too!

  1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time-every day!

    Encouraging regular bedtimes and consistent wake times will help them stay focused throughout their week. Be sure that they are getting plenty of sleep (ideally 8-10 hours), but keeping the bed and wake times consistent helps them better adjust to the stressors of everyday and it helps them go to bed easier at night! If your kids are feeling under the weather, ditch the wake time. They need as much sleep as possible to allow their bodies to heal.

  1. Spend time with family and friends.

    Getting kids from behind the screen and spending time with family and friends is beneficial for their spirit, encourages creative play and builds positive self-esteem. Spending time with loved ones also creates lasting memories and helps them develop positive relationship skills. An all-time favorite to encourage my kids to spend time with family is having family game night and asking extended family to use experiences as gifts. Instead of a toy, I ask them to invite them to a movie or ice skating. My kids love the extra time with them and look forward to those types of gifts!

  1. Encourage positive thinking!

    Teach them how to say affirmations. Everyday before school, my daughter recites 5 things that she wants to believe about herself. She says things like “Today is going to be a great day! I am smart. I am beautiful. I am kind. I am strong. I am brave.” Teaching them to speak positive things into their lives will not only transform them now but will set them up for a lifetime of life-affirming talk not only to themselves but to others!

 We are committed to educating and inspiring individuals and families to cultivate health and healing throughout their lives.

Dr. Erik and Dr. Patricia


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