A Chiropractic View of Fever

Your child wakes you up at 1:30am, crying.  You feel their head and they’re burning up.  What’s your first instinct?

Do you reach for Children’s Tylenol to break the fever?

Or do you trust the instinct of their amazingly complex body to do exactly what it must do to fight off the infection?

Fever is a GOOD thing!

Imagine you had some house guests who had overstayed their welcome, invited more people over and were making your life incredibly miserable.  You’ve asked them politely to leave and they only ignore you.  What would be a non-violent way to get them out?  Turn up the thermostat and make it extremely uncomfortable in the house.

That’s exactly what fever does.  Viruses and bacteria have developed the uncanny ability to grow best at temperatures around 98.6 degrees. They move in, throw a party and make life miserable.  So the body, in it’s infinite wisdom, turns up the heat – something the viruses and bacteria do not like at all.  Fever incapacitates the invaders, allowing the immune system to wipe them out!

Chiropractic care improves immune system function!

Several studies have shown an improvement in immune system function following chiropractic adjustments.  If you know how “wellness” works, it just makes sense – the immune system is a direct extension, a “sixth sense”, of the nervous system and since chiropractic care directly removes interference from the nervous system, the immune system is improved as well!

So the next time your child has a fever, call the chiropractor and celebrate (quietly, their body needs rest) that the amazing healing power – innately given by our Creator – is at work!

 We are committed to educating and inspiring individuals and families to cultivate health and healing throughout their lives.

Dr. Erik and Dr. Patricia


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