Common Colds and Chiropractic Adjustments

We know that chiropractic treatment helps with many chronic pain complications, but did you know that an adjustment by a Greeley chiropractor can help you fight common illnesses, too? Many patients avoid the chiropractor’s office because they have colds, but your...

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5 Tips to Optimize Your Sleep

Take it from a wellness Doctor in Greeley: sleep is crucial for your health! Not getting enough sleep can make you irritable and grumpy, but it also does so much more. Sleep is important for your immune system, allows the body to repair itself and build muscle and...

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We often hear that practicing gratitude is good for us. It can lower stress and anxiety, and can actually improve our health. Being grateful can be hard to focus on when we've been living in a stress-driven environment. Here are 3 practical ways to practice gratitude...

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How Chiropractic Treatments Can Help Treat Asthma

Reduced back pain, more comfortable sleep, less headaches—the benefits of treatment from chiropractors in Greeley are numerous! But can chiropractic care help treat asthma? Although each patient has unique symptoms, experts and patients agree that asthma symptoms can...

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Three Tips to Treat Acute Lower Back Pain What do you do when you’ve hurt your lower back? Acute lower back pain can greatly interfere with everyday life. The sooner you address it, the quicker you’ll heal, and less likely to have long-term effects! Get adjusted right away!...

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Simply Chiropractic

Chiropractic seems to have been pigeonholed into the “back pain and neck pain treatment” area over the years and I wanted to take a moment and explain things in a different way. There are two competing healthcare philosophies: The ALLOPATHIC (medical) treatment model...

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5 Signs You Need To Drink More Water

If you’re not feeling thirsty, watch for these 5 signs that you need to drink more water. One of the most common misconceptions is that when you need more water, your body will instinctively tell you it’s thirsty. While there is some truth to this, we don’t always...

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Proper Goal Setting for the New Year

A New Year's resolution is a secular tradition in which a person makes a goal or promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice throughout the upcoming year. Some common resolutions are... Improve physical wellbeing; eat healthy, exercise more,...

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Is Stress REALLY That Bad For You?

We've all heard that stress is bad for our health. That’s true, stress can wreak havoc on your body if it's chronic and isn't processed correctly. But, what if I told you that stress isn't ALWAYS a bad thing? Yep, you read that right….stress can actually be...

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7 Healthy Habits for Kids

Many of the habits we have today are habits we developed as kids. Healthy kids grow into healthy adults! Here are 7 healthy habits for kids that will set them up for a life of health! Get adjusted! Getting adjusted regularly by a qualified pediatric chiropractor will...

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