There’s nothing more beautiful than a happy, healthy child.  They just exude peace, joy and harmony.  Children innately know how to live – something most adults have forgotten due to the stresses of life that accumulate over years and decades.

Wouldn’t it be great to allow our children to NEVER FORGET how to really live?  To never succumb and surrender to the stresses of life that begin the slow decline to mediocre health?

Health and life are inborn – INNATE – to the human body.  These properties are transmitted throughout the human body over the nervous system.  When the nervous system is unhindered and free from interference, health and life are expressed fully.

When there are distortions – injuries – SUBLUXATIONS – in the spine and nervous system causing interference to the communication over the nervous system, health and life are NOT expressed fully and we enter into a state of DIS-EASE.

 This dis-eased state leads to tissue breakdown, disease, symptoms and eventual cessation of body processes (death)

The NERVOUS SYSTEM is where LIFE and HEALTH originate from.

Why wait for subluxations to rob children of the life and health they were born to express?  Why wait for them to complain about headaches, stomach aches, ear infections, constipation, asthma or anything else?  Why give them toxic pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms?  Are headaches a symptom of Tylenol deficiency?  Why wait to boost their health?

Get them CHECKED!

If I knew the TRUTH about chiropractic care when I was a child, I would have dragged my parents down the street by their ears and demanded to be checked!

‘Nuff Said

Dr. Erik

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Dr. Erik and Dr. Patricia


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