Chiropractic for Kids?

We sometimes get funny looks or sarcastic comments when we talk with people about chiropractic for kids.  “Why would you pop a kid’s bones?” or “Isn’t that dangerous?” they ask.

Let me put this question forward:  Which is is more dangerous –

1.  A gentle adjustment of the spine to release the power that animates the living world from the central nervous system of a body so complex we have only scratched the surface with our understanding of how it works?

2. Or putting toxic chemicals like mercury and aluminum in vaccines, toxic medications (many of which have not been tested in kids – BECAUSE IT IS UNETHICAL – and do not have prescribing information for children, leaving their use to the discretion of physicians who get most of their postgraduate education from the companies that produce the poisons) and toxic “food products” containing artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives and cute and cuddly cartoon characters on the boxes so kids whine and cry if their parents don’t buy it for them?

‘Nuff said

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Dr. Erik and Dr. Patricia


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