Avoid a Chiropractic Scam: How to Know it’s Time For a New Chiropractor

potential signs of a chiropractic scamA chiropractor plays an important role in your overall health and comfort, so you’ll need to find someone who is qualified and who you feel comfortable with as a healthcare provider.

Even after finding the right Greeley chiropractor for kids or a chiropractor for your own adult care, you should always keep a watchful eye on your doctor. Unfortunately, too many people fall victim to chiropractic scams and continually receive treatment that isn’t helping their overall health or wellness.

Don’t fall into the trap. Look for the warning signs that it’s time for you to find a different chiropractor:

The Doctor Uses Scare Tactics.

Patients visit the chiropractor for a variety of conditions, but it’s normally not a life or death issue. Click here to read more about when to see a chiropractor. A good chiropractor will listen to your concerns and then provide a comforting outlook on the situation. A chiropractor shouldn’t make you feel scared or that you will have lasting complications or death if you don’t get treatment right away. Obviously, a good doctor will let you know about the concerns they have and the potential risks you may face if you don’t get treatment. However, there’s a big difference between a good doctor and someone who is simply trying to scare you into coming back so they can get your business.

The Chiropractor Doesn’t Provide a Treatment Plan.

A qualified chiropractor is thorough and will perform a comprehensive health evaluation before making treatment recommendations. Don’t trust a chiropractor who doesn’t have a treatment plan. Before you receive any chiropractic treatment, you should know how long the treatment will take, what to expect, and what the end results could be if you stick to the plan. The doctor should also explain the reasoning for their treatment plan to make you feel completely comfortable that it’s the right treatment for your condition. If a doctor doesn’t share his plan or doesn’t seem to have answers about your treatment, it’s time to look elsewhere. Here are some examples of chiropractic treatment plans.

You Have to See the Chiropractor Every Day.

Even with a treatment plan, it’s very rare to have to visit the chiropractor every day. Compared to other forms of medicine, chiropractic tends to require more visits, but be wary if the doctor asks to see you continually without making any real progress.  Speak up if you have ongoing regular appointments to make sure your doctor can explain the reasoning and help you see progress.

Your Problem Isn’t Being Addressed.

The entire point of seeing a chiropractor is to improve function and help create a healthy lifestyle. If you’ve been visiting the chiropractor for a few months and haven’t seen any improvements in your function, it’s time to re-evaluate the treatment plan. In fact, a great chiropractor will schedule re-examinations on a regular basis to evaluate progress.  A major red flag is if the pain has actually gotten worse. It can take time to work through some chiropractic issues and you shouldn’t expect instantaneous results, but it also shouldn’t continue without any end in sight. Ask the doctor about any ongoing problems and make sure he can explain why the issue isn’t going away.

Chiropractic care should be a pleasant experience and a holistic approach to wellness. The vast majority of chiropractors are honest and care deeply for their patients. However, you should always be on the lookout for a potential chiropractic scam. If you see any of these red flags with your chiropractor, you may want to search for treatment elsewhere.

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