Top Tips and What to Expect from a Chiropractor for Pregnant Women

chiropractor for pregnant women greeleyAnyone who has ever been pregnant knows how uncomfortable it can be. After all, carrying a baby can take a toll on a woman’s body and lead to major discomfort.

The pain, discomfort, swelling, sickness, and other symptoms can make nine months go by slowly. But you don’t have to spend your entire pregnancy in pain! A chiropractor can make a big difference during pregnancy by improving more than just the discomfort. Here are five top reasons to visit a chiropractor for pregnant women.

Why Visit a Pregnancy Chiropractor?

Relieve back pain

One of the most obvious benefits of chiropractic care is relieving back pain. Carrying around a baby puts a lot of strain on a pregnant woman’s back. In fact, more than half of all pregnant women experience lower back pain. A chiropractic adjustment aligns the spine and pelvis and lessens the pressure on the lower back. It can also correct posture, which naturally changes as the baby grows and gets heavier.

Keep the baby safe

In many women, the problem is more than simply a sore back. Many pregnant women experience subluxations, which happen when a joint goes past its maximum range, and the bones become misaligned. This can cause a baby to be positioned improperly during childbirth. A chiropractor for pregnant women trained in the Webster Method can realign the sacral joint, which helps keep the baby safe and in the right place.

Lessen pregnancy symptoms

Every pregnancy is different, but most women experience at least a few uncomfortable symptoms, including everything from heartburn to swelling. Chiropractors help maintain strong and open communication and transmission between the body and the brain, which can relieve many pregnancy symptoms. Many pregnant women report that their nausea and morning sickness goes away after an adjustment, especially if it was caused by a misaligned vertebra pinching a nerve.

Improve overall health

The healthiest pregnancies occur in women who are already healthy before they get pregnant. A properly aligned spine allows each part of the body to work the way it should. The nervous system is closely related to the immune system. Many women experience more stress and a depleted immune system during pregnancy as they eat and grow for two. Regular chiropractic visits can boost the immune system and help keep the mom and baby healthy—even after the baby is born.

Prepare for a healthy birth

Pregnancy is all leading up to the amazing moment when the baby is born. Chiropractic adjustments can line up the spine and hips, which has been linked to shorter and easier labors. A body that is relaxed and working properly is more likely to be prepared for a healthy labor and delivery without many complications. Chiropractors can also help women prepare physically and mentally for a natural birth if they choose to go that route.

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What You Can Expect When Visiting a Chiropractor for Pregnant Women

For some pregnant women, the idea of visiting a new doctor can be intimidating, especially without an understanding of what a chiropractor actually does for pregnant patients. Although each doctor and visit is different, here is generally what to expect from visiting a chiropractor for pregnant women.

Spine Alignment

One of the biggest benefits of seeing a chiropractor at any time is for a spinal alignment. A chiropractor makes small movements to make sure the joints of the spine are in line. This is especially important during pregnancy when a growing baby can cause joints to get out of alignment, which can lead to serious pain. As the fetus grows, it puts more pressure on the pelvis, spine, and other ligaments, which can cause pain and make it hard to walk and move.

A simple alignment can put things back in balance and relieve discomfort. During a spinal alignment, a chiropractor uses small movements to push the vertebrae back in place. Spinal alignments are completely safe during pregnancy and can be done regularly.

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Pelvic Alignment

The spine is connected to the pelvis, which moves and changes throughout pregnancy. If a pelvis is out of alignment, it can cause the baby to not have enough room to grow and can impact how the baby is positioned for birth. A balanced pelvis can increase comfort and allow the baby room to grow and move as it needs to. During a pelvic alignment, a chiropractor makes gentle adjustments to put things in place.

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Relieve Pregnancy Symptoms

Many other pregnancy symptoms are related to misalignment. By putting the spine back in place, many women find that their symptoms, including nausea and swelling, are lessened or eliminated. Aligning the vertebrae keeps the rest of the body working properly, which eliminates many symptoms.

For best results, see a chiropractor regularly during pregnancy. Scheduling regular appointments with a chiropractor during pregnancy can make a big difference, both before and after the baby is born. For optimal nervous system health and improved comfort, pregnant women should make chiropractic care a priority. After an initial screening, the chiropractor should be able to create a personalized treatment plan for your pregnancy based on your symptoms and health history. At each visit, the chiropractor will typically ask for any updates to the symptoms and about your overall health.

Chiropractors are especially gentle with pregnant women to ensure that the baby isn’t hurt during an alignment. Aside from relieving pain and other symptoms, a pregnancy chiropractor can recommend exercises to relieve pain at home.

Visiting a chiropractor can be a great and safe option for pregnant women. The simple act of aligning the spine and pelvis can make a huge difference in a pregnant woman’s comfort and the health of her baby.

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