Do Vaccines Make Kids Healthier?

There is much controversy surrounding childhood vaccines and whether or not they actually make kids healthier.  A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association seems to lend credence to the notion that vaccines do not make kids healthier.

Another question may be: are unvaccinated kids healthier because they don’t get vaccinated, or because they are brought up in families who have a different health philosophy – who rely on natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, who choose healthy foods instead of processed “food products”, who see the inherent value of exercise for health promotion and treasure close relationships with family and friends?

We have chosen not to vaccinate our kids, not because we’re against vaccinations, but because we believe that we, as human beings, were endowed by our creator with everything we require to be healthy.  Do our kids get illnesses? Yes.  Is that a bad thing? No.  When they get sick, do we rush them to the “doctor”? Nope.  Our 4-year-old has never even been to a medical doctor.  Are they sick as often as their schoolmates? Not even close.  Is it because they are unvaccinated? I don’t know.  What I do know is that we feed them good food (although they do get some things that aren’t that good), keep them moving with regular exercise, make sure they get enough sleep and check their nerve systems for interference weekly – they don’t let us forget to do that…ever.

Our kids live the chiropractic lifestyle.

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