Doing the Right Things Instead of Doing Things Right

Doing things right is extremely important.  If you’re always doing things wrong, life is hard.  It’s harder however, if you’re always doing the wrong things.

I listened to a 40 minute discussion on talk radio yesterday between the local radio personality and a physician, the topic being the problems with health care.  Their discussion centered around efficiency and rapidity of data entry, patient transport and procedures.  They showed some reduction in patient death with nurses in charge of the care.  That’s great!

How many more lives could be saved, however, if rather than focusing on doing things right, we instead focused on doing the right things?  The only way to reform the health care system and save health care dollars is by making people healthier, not by giving them access to more drugs and surgery.  What about healthy eating, exercise and sunshine?  Moore’s Cancer Institute at UC San Diego estimates that we could see a 75% reduction in cancer deaths in ONE YEAR if we optimized vitamin D levels of all Americans!  Walking 30 minutes a day results in a 20-30% reduction in death from ALL CAUSES! (the reduction is greater with increased intensity and duration of exercise)  That means cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke – you name it – exercise reduces your risk of dying from it!

Rather than focusing on trying to do things right – managing disease and it’s symptoms with the “latest and greatest” drugs and surgical procedures (of which, less than 20% are based on proven science), why not do the right things and trust the wisdom and intelligence of the human body, feed it the fuel it needs, give it the movement it requires and, of course, keep the spine and nervous system strong and clear of interference and watch the sickest species on the planet transform into the healthiest in a single generation!

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Dr. Erik and Dr. Patricia


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