For heaven’s sake, DON’T READ THE FINE PRINT!!

I had a patient today who, on a visit to his primary care doctor, brought up some concerns about the medications he was taking and the possible side effects he had been reading about in the full prescribing information.  He was told, and I quote, “Don’t read the fine print.”

I cannot, in 60,000 words or less describe all the things wrong with this statement.  In our information-laden world in 2010, to be told not to read the fine print is simply absurd.  Maybe the reason they don’t want you to read it is because they don’t want you to strain your eyes (give it a try – here is the pdf for Crestor: )

The most likely reason, however, that they don’t want you to read it is because you will find out it is a poisonous artificial chemcal that you don’t actually need if you eat real food and exercise and keep your nervous system tuned up with natural chiropractic care.

Done venting…

Dr. Erik

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