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We often hear that practicing gratitude is good for us. It can lower stress and anxiety, and can actually improve our health. Being grateful can be hard to focus on when we’ve been living in a stress-driven environment.

Here are 3 practical ways to practice gratitude

  1. Pick 3 times throughout the day to “check in” with yourself. Take a few deep breaths in and then find 3 things you are grateful for in that very moment. How is the temperature? What about a smell or something your eating? Taking those few moments out of your day to refocus on the positive will help keep stress down and it can even improve your concentration.
  2. Start a gratitude journal. Don’t want to have a separate journal? Just use your day planner! Write down 3-5 things you’re grateful for every single day.
  3. Send out or hand out good ol’ fashioned thank you notes! Did someone brighten your day with a coffee or even good conversation? Write them a thank you card! Writing thank you cards even for the smallest of things helps you stay focused on the good around you, in you and in others and it also allows others to do the same!

These are all simple, yet effective ways to practice being grateful! Gratitude can truly be a practice, but once you get comfortable and create a habit of gratitude, it’ll get easier!

What are some of your favorite gratitude practices?

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