Chiropractic Care: Health, Naturally!

My kids are a little different.  They laugh at drug commercials on TV.  They wonder what could possess someone to take medications after listening to the laundry list of effects

fsl-192these medications could have if you take them.  My kids are TURNED ON!  They are expressing HEALTH! They don’t dig through the medicine cabinet (as if we would have one) when they don’t feel quite right.  They get ADJUSTED!  The following sentences are words we live by.  Read them.  If they make sense, follow us!

  1. You are more than your body. There is an energy inside of you, and all living things, called your “life energy”.
  2. Everything in life is always changing, including your body. In every moment, you are either getting stronger or weaker.
  3. The strength (health) of your body at any given moment is dependent on how fully you’re expressing your life energy.
  4. 3 things are necessary to maximize the expression of life energy in your body and keep you growing consistently stronger and healthier:
    • A deliberate and positive focus
    • A healthy lifestyle
    • A clear neurological connection between your brain and your body
  5. Your spine must be properly aligned and functioning in order to maintain a clear neurological connection and the normal flow of your life energy in your body.
  6. The purpose of your chiropractic care is to help you maximize the expression of your life energy in your body.

Notice there is no mention of medications, surgery or treatment of any kind.  Chiropractic is not treatment – chiropractic is CARE!  Medicine seeks to create LESS of things – less pain, less symptoms, etc.  Chiropractic seeks to create MORE of things – more health, more wellbeing, more LIFE, naturally!  Want some?

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