Holiday Eating 101 for Avoiding the Holiday Bulge

I love to eat and lucky for me, we are heading into the most food-saturated times of the year.  I know, however, that overindulgence can have many negative ramifications for my health, so I want to outline three simple tips to avoiding the holiday bulge. Here is your Holiday Eating 101 guide:

1. Watch your portions – while this seems like elementary information, if you take smaller portions on your first trip through the line, you will be less likely to consume too many calories.  You can always get more

2. Eat slowly – this gives your stomach a chance to process food and give your brain a heads up that it is nearing full.  Shoveling food down only serves to overfill and make you feel like crud.

3.  Move, Move, Move! – dont sit on the couch after eating 3000 calories!  Even standing in the house requires more energy than sitting.  Go out for a stroll around the block and keep up your regular exercise routine (if you don’t have one of those, there’s no better time than now to begin)

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday and don’t accost the TSA agents.

Dr. Erik

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