The Benefits of Chiropractic Health in Greeley

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is not a treatment for back pain, headaches, heartburn or constipation.  It’s a drug- and surgery- free health care model that harnesses the greatest healing power available – the one inside you!


You started your life when one cell from your mother and one from your father combined.  These two cells contained all the necessary information to create who you are today – a living, breathing, amazing collection of seventy trillion cells designed to express health and wellness all the time!

The first part of you to develop was your nervous system.  It’s the system that from that time forward controls and coordinates every single function of your entire body.

Present within your nervous system, and every cell of your body for that matter, is an innate intelligence that regulates the expression of life throughout your body.  Innate’s mission is to keep you from looking like a pile of goo on the floor – it makes sure your bones are hard and your organs are soft, replaces cells when they wear out (in the time you’ve taken to read this, it’s already replaced a few million red blood cells), and gives you all the physical qualities you see when you look in the mirror.

No matter what anyone tells you, you’re AMAZING!

But sometimes things don’t always work out quite right.  You may have had a difficult delivery when you were born.  You may have fallen off the couch.  You may have become a junk food junkie.  You may have an extremely stressful job and problems in close relationships.   This is stressful for the nervous system.

When the nervous system gets overloaded with stress, it causes malfunctions in the spine called subluxations.  These subluxations interfere with the communication in your body, causing malfunction, ill-health and eventual disease.

Lifestyle chiropractic care works to correct these subluxations through adjustments to the joints of the spine, and additionally, to assist you in making the best possible lifestyle choices to keep the stress on your spine and nervous system to a minimum.


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Dr. Erik and Dr. Patricia