Colic Care with Kid’s Chiropractic

There are many things new parents have to deal with when it comes to the care of newborns and infants. Many parents do not consider the benefits of kids chiropractic care to alleviate some of the issues that may arise. During the birth process, the twists and moves that occur can compress or stretch an infant’s spine. These slight misalignments can cause problems including colic, poor eating, irritability, unusual crying and poor sleeping habits.

Newborn Spinal Care

Spinal adjustments on a newborn baby are simple, easy and gentle. The pressure needed to align a newborn’s spine is very minimal, making it comfortable for the baby as well as the parents as they carefully watch over their child’s care. These simple adjustments can help to relieve pressure that can cause many of the common infant and newborn issues – including the issue most parents dread, colic.

Colic Care

Colic is a very common condition that affects many infants during the first few months to the first year of life. This condition is characterized by sudden and unexplained fussiness, a loud piercing cry, stomach rumblings, tight muscles, the inability to get comfortable and clenched fingers. It most commonly starts to appear around three weeks of age and is usually gone in a few months, but it can last for 6 months or more in some cases. Approximately 10-20% of babies are affected by colic.

Colic and Chiropractors

Despite all of the medical advances and research done on colic, there is still no known cause and right now, most traditional treatments are focused on alleviating the symptoms. Kids’ chiropractic care seems to be the best treatment option as over 90% of colicky babies who have chiropractic adjustments end up showing some improvement in the severity and frequency of their colic episodes. Chiropractic care offers gentle, non-invasive, safe and highly successful treatment for infants with even severe cases of colic.

Research on new and improved treatments for colic and more in-depth studies of the condition itself, have shown that adding kids’ chiropractic care to other lifestyle changes such as diet and infant care basics can go a long way in making you and your infant happier and healthier!

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