Making Your Health a Priority

Is your health a priority? If you don’t schedule time to improve it, no one else will! Here’s a short list of health-improving things you can begin doing today

1. Plan your menu for a week – this reduces the impulsive “I’ll just pick something up”
2. Schedule your exercise time and find a buddy to keep you accountable
3. Schedule “mental health breaks” during your week to get away from the stresses of life – even if it’s just 5 minutes
4. Schedule your chiropractic appointments regularly – by the time you “feel” like you have a problem, it’s been there too long!

97% of people go through life without a plan of what they want and how they will achieve it. Be one of the 3% and start making your health a priority TODAY!

 We are committed to educating and inspiring individuals and families to cultivate health and healing throughout their lives.

Dr. Erik and Dr. Patricia


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