Mechanics and Energy

Many chiropractic patients, as well as chiropractors themselves seem to be stuck looking for mechanical solutions to an energetic problem.  The subluxation is not a problem of the joints of the spine, the muscles or the discs or ligaments.  It is a problem with the nervous system.  This is why 10 people can come in with the same spinal degenerative problems, same listings and same curvatures and have a completely different neruological interference pattern on their neural efficiency scans.

Stephenson’s 1927 Chiropractic Textbook outlines 33 principles of chiropractic – principles 8,10 and 13 are particularly interesting to our discussion here

8 – The Function of Intelligence – The function of intelligence is to create force

10 – The Function of Force – The function of force is to unite intelligence and matter

13 – The Function of Matter – The function of matter is to express force

Universal intelligence uses energy to create force, thereby uniting intelligence and matter and expresses this force (energy) through matter.

We have to wait until Principle 29 Interference with Innate Forces – before we begin the discussion of subluxation and its effect on the energy transmission within the body causing the incoordination of dis-ease.

Subluxations are simply signs that the body is unable to comprehend itself in its environment and stress has begun the process of changing the patterns in which the body is functioning.

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