Missing the Forest: Focused on Specific Details

When someone gets so focused on specific details, they can often lose sight of the general idea – one may say they’re missing the forest for the trees.

A patient of mine, whom I have not seen for 6+ years, came in complaining of right leg and foot pain, lower back pain and neck/shoulder/right arm pain.  In reviewing the past 6 years with him, he informed me that a podiatrist had taken full leg length x-rays and determined he had a 13mm short right leg and subsequently fitted him for orthotics with a 13mm lift under the right heel.

Problem solved, right?

Not so much.

  • Weight-bearing (standing) x-rays revealed a 5mm functional leg length inequality – ON THE LEFT  (this means the 13mm lift on the right was creating an 18mm functional inequality on the left)
  • X-rays also revealed a leftward curvature throughout the lumbar and thoracic spine which would be aggravated by the right lift
  • Patient states he has felt worse over the past 4 years since having the orthotics/lift in his shoes
  • Patient is concerned he may have to live with this pain the rest of his life (he’s only 36), causing significant distress


As a chiropractor, I look at the forest.  Yes, the trees are there.  Yes, they’re important.  The most important thing, however, is how the trees interact – how the physical matter that makes up our bodies interacts with the environment – internal and external – both in matter and in energy!

Did I give this patient a drug? Nope

Did I give this patient vitamins? Nope

What did I give him?




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