Changing the Direction ofYour Health Is Simple…

…but not easy!  When it comes to changing the direction your health is headed, most of the changes needed are very simple.  This does not necessarily mean they are easy to make.  Quitting smoking, for example, is a very simple change.  Because of the addiction to nicotine, however, quitting smoking is not at all easy.  Choosing to drink bottled water instead of Pepsi or Diet Dr. Pepper is a simple change, but for some, it is incredibly difficult.

So here’s my recommendation:  Make a list of all the bad habits you have (all the not so good things you put in your mouth, your lack of regular exercise, your negative attitude toward some others in your life), then make a list of 3 substitutes you can make for EACH of your bad habits.  For example – if I normally eat a Snickers bar every morning at 10:30 to get me through till lunch, I could make substitutions of 1. an apple 2. a bowl of rice and vegetables or 3. a handful of raw almonds (although almonds would make a much better snack at 4:30pm due to their protein and fat content).  Substituting a glass of water for one of your regular cups of coffee, making a commitment to always smile at the coworker who gets under your skin the most and who you would like to see fall off the top of the office building.  Substituting an evening walk or bike ride for sitting on the couch to “relax” after dinner.

Don’t try and address all your bad habits at once.  Pick one a week and commit the week to working on “that one”.  Don’t sweat the small stuff and in the end, it’s ALL SMALL STUFF!

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Dr. Erik and Dr. Patricia


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