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Chiropractic seems to have been pigeonholed into the “back pain and neck pain treatment” area over the years and I wanted to take a moment and explain things in a different way.

There are two competing healthcare philosophies:

  • The ALLOPATHIC (medical) treatment model of care
  • The VITALISTIC (chiropractic) model of care

The allopathic model seeks to help people experience LESS of something (symptoms, pain, etc.)

The vitalistic model seeks to help people experience MORE of something (health, function, life)

The following five points will help you understand how CHIROPRACTIC fits into the VITALISTIC philosophy and isn’t really about helping you with your back or neck pain, but has more to do with maximizing your experience of LIFE.

  1. You are more than your body.  There is an energy inside you and all living things called your “Life Energy”
  2. Everything in life is always changing – including your body.  Every day, you’re either getting a little stronger or a little weaker
  3. The strength (health) of your body is dependent upon how fully you are expressing your life energy
  4. Three things are necessary to keep your body consistently growing stronger and healthier
    1. A deliberate and positive focus
    1. A healthy lifestyle
    1. A clear neurological connection between your brain and your body
  5. The purpose of your chiropractic care is to improve communication in your body and maximize the expression of life energy in your body

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