Answering a Few Common Sports Therapy Questions

sports therapists in greeley coloradoIn this article, we’re going to address several commonly asked sports therapy questions. What is sports therapy to begin with anyway? Sports therapy usually concerns recovery from sports injuries. However, many athletes or otherwise active individuals also visit sports therapists to learn ways of preventing injury on the field. Greeley sports therapy is one of the services we offer in addition to chiropractic treatments at Weld Family Clinic. Chiropractic care can help individuals of every lifestyle, but sports therapists specifically work with people so they can perform better in intense physical activities.

Many people are confused about what exactly sports therapy involves and how it differs from physical therapy. Hopefully, this article can help clarify some of the typical sports therapy questions.

What are the Basics of Sports Therapy?

Sports therapy concerns the rehabilitation from injury and the prevention of further injuries. Usually, sports players visit sports therapists only after they’ve sustained an injury. However, they can benefit greatly from consulting with a sports therapist when they’re perfectly healthy to learn how to prevent future injuries.

Just like there are many different levels of sports competition, there are different levels of sports therapists. Some work with professional athletes, sometimes as a supplement to their nutritionists and trainers. Some work with professional teams to help their players avoid injury and get effective treatment. Others work with athletes of all sizes, experience levels, ages, and abilities.

Sports therapists are primarily concerned with improving athletic performance, which affects the methods they use to treat their patients. For injured clients, they work to heal and rehabilitate them as quickly as possible so they can return to the field or their otherwise active lifestyle. For others, they create injury-prevention programs their patients can easily use and build on.

How do Sports Therapy and Physical Therapy Differ?

Sports therapy and physical therapy have many differences. While physical therapists receive their licensing in individual states, sports therapists aren’t separately licensed practitioners. The career paths of these medical professionals are similar, but far from identical.

Another difference is the patients that these therapists work with and treat. Physical therapists can work with people born with physical abnormalities or diseases, and they can work with people who have suffered some type of injury. The focus of physical therapists, however, is to help the patient regain full control of their body, or at least as much as possible. Many times, patients involved in serious automobile collisions or falls see physical therapists to regain as much bodily function as possible.

If you’ve been referred to a Greeley sports therapy clinic, chances are you suffered your injury playing a sport or doing some kind of physical activity. Even if you’ve suffered an injury from an unrelated event, your goal when seeing a sports therapist is to regain not only basic bodily function but also your athletic skill and ability as well. That’s the primary focus of a sports therapist, differentiating them from a physical therapist.

How Long Does it Take for Sports Therapy to Work?

One of the common sports therapy questions people ask is “how long will this take?” The short answer is that it depends on the injury. Sports fans and professional athletes can attest that tearing a tendon can require almost a year to rehabilitate, even with the best sports therapists and doctors money can buy.

One thing you can be sure of, though, is that you won’t heal as fast if you treat immediate medical problems but don’t focus on your rehabilitation. While a physical therapist will get you walking again after a severe injury, a sports therapist will get you performing at or as close to your optimal level as possible.

Both physical and sports therapy hinges on the participation of the patient. If you, after you visit your therapist, don’t put in the work between appointments, you won’t reap the rewards of your therapy. The time it takes to heal completely and get to an optimal physical state depends on how dedicated you are to your rehabilitation routine.


I hope we’ve been able to answer some of your sports therapy questions. For excellent sports therapy services in Greeley, Colorado, visit Weld Family Clinic. Our therapists work closely with you to develop a schedule and a way to feeling like yourself and performing athletically again.

 We are committed to educating and inspiring individuals and families to cultivate health and healing throughout their lives.

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