The Power of Goals in Your Health and Wellness

Goal setting has tremendous power in every aspect of life and your health and wellness are no exceptions.  Wellness and death are at opposite ends of the health spectrum.  If we are continually focused on avoiding the bottom end, we have our back turned to the possibilities that await us at the top.  A simple shifting of your thoughts can mean the difference between suffering and soaring.

Goals must be measurable in some way, have a specific deadline and MUST BE WRITTEN DOWN!  A goal without a deadline is just a wish and if you don’t write it down, it will not happen.  When you achieve your goals, make new ones – you can always see farther from higher up!

Peter Drucker said “that which is measured improves”.  Goals are a tool to measure progress and can be used in the wellness realm to evaluate progress.  When we couple a patient’s wellness goals with our scanning technology, we have a synergistic relationship and amazing things happen.

Be Great!

Dr. Erik

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Dr. Erik and Dr. Patricia


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