The (Unnecessary) Complexity of Healthcare

Healthcare is, by far, one of the most complex and pressing issues facing our nation today.  Doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, Governors and even congress and the President of the United States have weighed in on this topic.  Sweeping legislation has been passed promising lower prices and better care for all Americans.  Unless you’ve been on a desert island for the past 8 years, you’re well aware that these promises and actions have been largely empty.  I want to unpack the reasons for the continued rise in healthcare costs in the next few paragraphs.  Thankfully, the actual solution to the problem is quite simple (but not easy).

  1.  Erroneous beliefs about what HEALTH is – too many people believe that if they FEEL good, they must be healthy.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This is the primary cause of the healthcare “crisis” – a crisis that only exists because we’ve been trying to find the right answer to the wrong question.  I’ll address the question at the end
  2. Insurance Companies – yes, the companies that sell you insurance are another big part of the problem.  Insurance companies are beholden to their stakeholders, which means their primary concern is saving money.  The only ways to do that are to deny services, reduce reimbursement to providers or to raise co-pays and premiums.  Sound familiar?  Thought so.  Also, do you know where insurance companies invest their profits? They invest them in:
  3. Pharmaceutical Companies – An endless array of “blockbuster” new drugs coming on the market, only needing to be mildly effective in clinical trials (funded by the companies themselves and researched by the same) to pass the FDA’s requirements, promising a life free from pain, worry or problems (until you listen to the side effects).  Drug companies advertise directly to the general public through television commercials (did you know that the US and New Zealand are the only two countries on the planet that allow these?), but not on radio (if you’re wondering why, it’s because of the list of side effects I mentioned before – on TV, they can distract you with happy-looking people doing happy people things while they say the list really fast).  Next time a drug commercial comes on TV, close your eyes and listen – you won’t like what you hear.  You know where else drug companies advertise?  To your:
  4. Doctors – They’re really good people who really do want to help you – the problem is, the system is so broken because of what is listed above, that they’re handicapped in their efforts.  Doctors have to fight with your insurance company to get things approved and because of the rising costs and decreasing reimbursements, if something isn’t covered, you get mad at them because of the outrageous cost. (we were charged $700 + a $150 “pharmacy fee” for 2 vials of lidocaine in the ER – actual cost – $16)

So what is the solution in this unnecessary complexity?

Instead of asking, “why are people so sick?” and trying to find a pharmaceutical to make people feel better by treating their symptoms, we should be asking, “what makes people healthy?”  By asking this question, we get an answer to BOTH!  Health is how we FUNCTION, not how we feel.  Medications do not improve function, they simply palliate symptoms.  What improves function? Simply put, a clear nerve system, a healthy diet, regular exercise and a positive mindset.  You have EVERYTHING you need to be healthy already inside you…health is yours already!

 We are committed to educating and inspiring individuals and families to cultivate health and healing throughout their lives.

Dr. Erik and Dr. Patricia


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