Why You Need More Water!

You’ve probably heard the common advice, drink water and lots of it! But…WHY? Water makes up about 60% of the human body. The brain and heart alone are made of about 73% water! If the body is largely made up of water, it’s clear that water is essential for life and functioning!

SIX Ways Water Is Essential to Life

1. Water is essential for delivering blood oxygen throughout the body.

Water contains oxygen, which is vital for your cells to survive and thrive. Without water, the oxygen is diminished, causing a breakdown in cells. Water also lubricates parts of the body such as joints, tissue and the spine!

2. Water is a regulator.

Water helps regulate our body temperature, blood pressure AND blood sugar! Dehydration can cause the body to retain sodium and causes some of the capillaries to essentially shut down in an attempt to retain water. This will often cause higher blood pressure! The body then creates a hormone called vasopressin to signal the kidneys to retain water and the liver produces more blood sugars. The increased blood sugars causes the pancreas to strain in creating insulin. Lastly, the body releases fluid when starting to overheat (sweating) to cool down the body. This not only can lead to dehydration, but if the body doesn’t have enough water to convert to sweat, the body can overheat.

3. Water flushes out toxins.

The water helps carry the toxins and waste within your body to be released through sweat, urination and defecation. Obviously, if the water levels within your body are low, the toxins can’t be easily carried and expelled from the body.

4. Water is essential for digestion.

Water is the key ingredient for saliva which is vital for the breakdown of foods. It also helps break the food down and speeds up metabolism (which is why increasing your water intake can often lead to weight loss-plus you are less likely to retain water) and prevents constipation.

5. Water helps with nutrient absorption.

Water breaks down the vitamins, minerals and nutrients we need, so they are more easily delivered to the rest of the body where they are needed. This will then boost the immune system, helping not only flush out any “invaders” that are in the body but also by providing the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are needed for a fully functional immune system.

6. Water is essential for the brain!

Water helps keep the “foggy” feeling away, increases energy and concentration…and even boosts to mood.

Now you know WHY water is so important…..but how can you make sure you are getting plenty of it?

A great rule of thumb is to take your body weight, divide by 2 and drink that number in ounces. If you are exerting yourself or sweating a lot, increase by at least 16 ounces. Need some ideas on how to stay hydrated?

Carry a water bottle.

Having a bottle in hand throughout the day will be a constant reminder to drink up! Sometimes, the more “fun” the water bottle, the better! Even putting little reminders on the bottle, such as marks with times that you need to finish that amount of water is a great way to encourage yourself to drink!

Add fruit!

Some people get bored with plain ol’ water. Add some fruit to your water or even cucumber or mint to change it up! You can even add in a caffeine-free herbal tea or sparking water for a little change. Just be careful, some of these can have added sodium or other ingredients that aren’t great for you!

Warm it up!

Winter months can make it less appealing to drink water because we crave warmth. Try drinking warm water and even adding a little lemon and honey to it!

Get others involved!

If you’re struggling with maintaining your water intake, share your goals with those around you so they can encourage you! You can even have competitions, who can finish a water bottle first, who can drink the most in a day, etc. Some things are just easier with others!

Water is essential for life and functioning. Focus on getting at least half your bodyweight in ounces and within a few weeks you’ll start to notice a huge difference!

Those are just a few ideas from Weld Family Clinic on how to drink enough water. What are some of your favorite ways to stay hydrated?

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Dr. Erik and Dr. Patricia


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