If You’re Going to Take a Vitamin, Take THIS One!

Most of you reading this are either currently taking a vitamin supplement (or several of them) or you have done so in the past.  What if I told you that if you startedD Sufficiency taking this ONE vitamin in sufficient quantity, you could slash your risk of colds and flu by 99% and your cancer risk by 50%, reduce chronic pain, improve your athletic performance and maybe even get rid of depression and anxiety?  Sound too good to be true?  Sound like it’s some secret formula that would cost a fortune?  I thought you might say that, but the good news is, it’s true and it’s cheaper than you would imagine.

For five months every year, you can get this vitamin for FREE.  From mid-April to mid-September, just go outside and let the sun shine on your bare arms and face for fifteen or twenty minutes every day – no shirtsleeves, no sunscreen – and you’ll get a whopping large dose of Vitamin D (VitD).  Oh, and those people who say, “you’re going to get skin cancer if you’re out in the sun”, or “you’re going to get Vitamin D poisoning”, well, they’re just plain wrong.  The risk of Vitamin D poisoning is extremely low because excess VitD produced in the skin is quickly destroyed before blood levels reach toxic levels.  As to the skin cancer concern: VitD is a potent anti-cancer vitamin and, in addition to reducing skin cancer rates, has also been shown to slash breast cancer risk by up to 67% and significantly reduce the risk of other cancers as well.

What about the other 7 months of the year?


The immune benefits of VitD are undeniable.  In one 3 year study, supplementing with 800iu of VitD daily reduced the incidence of colds and flu by over 70%.  Taking 2000iu, however, reduced the risk by over 99% (only 1 out of 104 people in this group developed a cold or the flu).  As a point of reference, this year’s flu shot is only estimated to be 10% effective.

Want to improve your reaction time for sports performance?  Athletes taking 1000+iu daily showed a 50% faster reaction time than athletes not taking VitD.

Dealing with depression, anxiety, chronic pain or a combination of these problems?  Optimizing your VitD levels can improve your mood and decrease inflammation that causes chronic pain.

Multiple Sclerosis – 91% risk reduction with adequate blood levels of VitD.

The list goes on…

For less than a dollar a day, you can see these benefits for yourself.

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