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How the Webster Method Works from a Greeley Pregnancy Chiropractor

Dr. Patricia Sorbo, co-founder of the Weld Family Clinic and a Greeley pregnancy chiropractor for years, is a certified Webster Technique practitioner because she believes in the results the relatively new technique delivers to her patients. She was convinced she wanted to provide this service to pregnant patients as a Webster Method chiropractor when she first learned how the technique worked, and why it was so beneficial to expecting mothers and their children.

As a Greeley pregnancy chiropractor, Dr. Sorbo has seen it all and has learned from working in the community that the Webster Technique can work wonders in preventing dystocia, a general medical term describing ‘difficult pregnancies,’ usually caused by uterine or cervical malfunction, the size of the mother’s pelvis, or by an awkwardly positioned fetus.

Unfortunately, awkwardly positioned fetuses are all too common. However, the Webster Technique has been proven to help mitigate this birth complication naturally and non-invasively.

What is the Webster Technique?

What exactly does the Webster Technique entail? Pregnant mothers experience back pain for a number of reasons, but one cause, in particular, is actually dangerous for the mother and the baby. Subluxations occur when the movement of a joint goes beyond its maximum range, causing the bones around the joint to become misaligned. This is not to be confused with joint dislocation—subluxations are a step below full-on dislocation. Subluxation occurs commonly in the sacroiliac joint, formed by the bottom of your spine and your pelvis, especially among pregnant women. Problems with this joint can cause the baby to be improperly positioned during childbirth.

A Webster Method chiropractor, certified in the technique, will ensure that the sacral joint is properly aligned, and adjust the joint if misaligned. This technique also works for those whose sacral joint isn’t quite misaligned by facilitating continued sacral alignment in the future, balancing the pelvic muscles and ligaments, and by reducing torsion on the uterus.

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Dr. Sorbo has seen problems resulting from sacral misalignment and subluxations as a Greeley pregnancy chiropractor. Even mild misalignments in the months before childbirth can lead to dystocia.

Dr Patricia is an absolute dream! I called in a panic when I found out my baby was still breech at 37 weeks. They got me in as a new patient the next day! Within two visits over four days, my baby flipped head down and I am now allowed to deliver and able to cancel my scheduled C-section. This office is full of caring and loving staff who truly care. I can’t wait to continue chiropractic care with them leading up to birth and long after!

Mindi D. – Greeley

I have been going to Weld Family Clinic of Chiropractic for over two years seeing Dr. Patricia. In my experience with other chiropractors, they spend 15 minutes with you the first few visits, but then seem to stop caring, spend 3-5 minutes adjusting, and get clients in and out as fast as they can. I have not experienced this with Dr. Patricia. She is very personable and takes her time with each visit. I particularly like going to see her during pregnancy. My first two births without chiropractic care were long and difficult. My third birth, after consistent visits with Dr. Patricia, was short and much less difficult.

Kira T. – Greeley

Why are Webster Method Chiropractors so Popular Now?

Webster Method chiropractors have risen in popularity in recent years because the Webster Technique has been shown to not only resolve sacral subluxation problems, but to prevent difficult pregnancies when conducted throughout the pregnancy term. The Webster Technique was also mostly used in case of breech presentations and posterior presentations. Over the years, Dr. Sorbo has watched as the technique has gone from being used as an intervention to being used as preventative action.

Using the Webster Technique has been shown to present optimal fetal positioning throughout the pregnancy, so regular check-ups and continued chiropractic work has helped countless mothers avoid childbirth problems and discomfort during pregnancy. When the pelvis is properly aligned with the spine, the fetus will be properly nourished and protected with proper neuro-biomechanical function. When the baby comes, the more flexible the pelvic joint, with continued alignment, the easier childbirth will be.

Greeley pregnancy chiropractors like Dr. Sorbo, who is a member of the Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA), have seen the positive effects of using the Webster Method continuously throughout a pregnancy to facilitate better overall function and alignment of the pelvis. The ICPA has been a champion of the Webster Technique for years, producing excellent Webster Method chiropractors.


The Webster Method can be used throughout a pregnancy to help mothers stay comfortable and ensure that the fetus is properly aligned in the uterus. More mothers every day are experiencing the benefits of pregnancy chiropractors like Dr. Sorbo who use the Webster Method.



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